11127790_1411586825826949_6215813679533990649_oA recent report in the Mail Online told the story of a glamorous film producer who had mysteriously gone missing.

What the piece failed to mention was that Felix Vossen had also disappeared with £40 million of other people’s money – many of them close friends and family.

In a story with echoes of ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’, Vossen used his exceptional charm and intelligence to groom thirty private investors, many of whom came to see him as their best friend and confidant. Joining them in their homes, favourite restaurants and family holidays, Vossen encouraged them to place their trust and savings in his investment fund, VCP.cropped-11045419_1411586805826951_3241987034190843769_o.jpg

A warrant for his arrest has been issued in Switzerland. The FBI and British police have also begun investigations following High Court Orders freezing his bank accounts in London, New York and Zurich.

His victims – film professionals, businessmen and even pensioners – record contrasting versions of their suave, multi-lingual, investment manager. To some, Vossen presented himself as a swashbuckling ‘bon viveur’, holidaying in exotic locations with his model girlfriend. To others, he was a puritanical, teetotal never happier than when trading on the New York exchange and raising film finance.

11167785_1411586915826940_1160620898155896447_nWhen Vossen went missing in March, having failed to attend a meeting for his new film starring Drew Barrymore, his apartments in Zurich and London’s Jermyn St were left pristine and undisturbed.

Police even found his iPhone still on charge…

However bank details, revealed following High Court orders, lead a trail to an out of town storage facility, and instructions to shred a mountain of paperwork. Further statements show large cash withdrawals and evidence of a classic ‘Ponzi Scheme’ as new investor money was used to pay off impatient older investors.

Three months on, British, Swiss and American police forces have unearthed few clues as to theScreen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.43.35 whereabouts of Vossen and the missing funds. Even his German family, the ‘Vossen’ linen magnates (defrauded by their son of many millions), have drawn a blank.

Close friends and fellow investors suspect he has assumed a new identity, perhaps in Asia, and has possibly disguised himself through plastic surgery (the subject of a proposed Vossen film).

Eight of Felix Vossen’s victims are now available for exclusive interviews.  Please contact Katherine Crawley

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